We provide a wide-range of pre-owned products with our grading scale designed to meet the demands of any International Market. Our inventory goes through a comprehensive inspection process to ensure cosmetic quality, technical functionality, and erasure of sensitive information. The goal of this process is to provide our customers with a fully verified product at a grade that meets their needs because market demand varies from an emphasis on quality to affordability of a product.

Used or CPO Phone & Tablet Inventory Scale

HSO (Handset Only)
New or Replacement Device w/ Full Technical Functionality w/o OEM box or OEM accessories,
OEM plastic, No Physical Flaws.

A - Stock
Used w/ Full Technical Functionality, 1-2 Hairline Scratches.

B+ - Stock
Used w/ Full Technical Functionality, Small Scratches or Flaws.

B - Stock
Used w/ Full Technical Functionality, Larger Scratches & Dents, Original Digitizer.

C - Stock
Used w/ Full Technical Functionality, Cracked/Chipped Glass Only, No LCD Issues, OEM or A/M Digitizer.

D - Stock
Used w/ Full Technical Functionality, LCD Issues Including Spots, Lines, Discoloration, or Partial Display.

Dead On Arrival: Doesn’t Turn On/Charge, Bent Device, Blacked Out Display.

Supplemental Grades
Cracked Back, Cracked Lens, Bad Face ID, Bad Speaker, Bad Flipswitch, Bad H/B, Bad Camera, No Flash, Bad Volume +/-, Bad Power Button, Red IMEI, and Missing Sim-Tray.

Any Technical Or Cosmetic Flaw Listed Above In Supplemental Grades Will Result In A Device Receiving An Automatic B-Stock Grade With The Exception Of Red IMEI Or Missing Sim-Tray.

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